☺Get to know me – Ariana Grande Fan ☺

I know what some of you are thinking - wow a 23 year old who can't get out of her fandom years. While that may be true, I don't want to give up on the best years of my life. The years that I started figuring out who I am, what my style is, and … Continue reading ☺Get to know me – Ariana Grande Fan ☺


❤ Tuesday Truths ❤

hello lovers! today is the first post in a series that I hope to continue with - tuesday truths, in which I will confess to you some things that I haven't wanted to admit to even myself yet. this is raw and my grammar is horrible - but that's just my style of writing.    … Continue reading ❤ Tuesday Truths ❤


name: aley gender: female star sign: gemini sexuality: lesbian hogwarts house: slytherin favorite animal: cats duh omg average hours of sleep: lmao it’s all over the fucking place dogs or cats: i mean both are cool but i'm a cat girl how many blakets do you sleep with: multiple dream trip: london, or somewhere in … Continue reading random